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Welcome to RealMindfulness.com. Here we tell you what Mindfulness meditation really is.

Mindfulness is about increasing your awareness. Increasing your awareness reveals yourself to you.

It shines a light on all the parts of you that you have hidden away, hoping that they won’t come back.

And this is just the beginning of what it does.

So all those people doing mindfulness to cure you, or make you happier, read on.

Here we will be giving our view of it. Our view is very different from most of what you will read or hear elsewhere. We will talk about what it really means to practice real mindfulness.

What we say here may have a huge impact on your practice of mindfulness.

We will be talking about the myths and strange pathways of mindfulness practice as it was taught for centuries, in Buddhism in the far East. And the myths and strange pathways in how it is being taught here, today,

We will talk about:

What it really is

How to do it

What you can expect to experience

What you can realistically expect to gain

The myth of immediate or quick results

The “dangers” and “negative” side of doing mindfulness.

The ultimate results of mindfulness.

Everything written here comes from the real life experience of our main contributor. He has been doing mindfulness practice for over 30 years. Everything that is written here is his real-life experience.

Our experience is that mindfulness is the best way, the only way, to truly discover the many realms of consciousness.

Real mindfulness practice is not a technique to get you somewhere. It is the goal. Hence there being nowhere to go, nothing to do.

If you are doing real mindfulness practice, we hope these pages help you to make sense of your exploration of concsiousness.




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